Bloomington Open Studios Tour


Visiting and Staying in Our Fair City

Located in the lush rolling hills of south-central Indiana, Bloomington is the perfect combination of charm and culture, a city that’s progressive but not pretentious, hip but also welcoming. In other words, it’s exactly the type of place you want to visit.

From the peaceful forests to the vibrant downtown, Bloomington is filled with contradictions that somehow blend together to make an exceptional community.

You can find a high-end art gallery next to a t-shirt store, eat lunch at an Afghan restaurant then have dinner at an organic American bistro, watch a collegiate basketball game one night and attend a theater production the next. No matter what your interests are, there are endless opportunities to discover them on a local level.

And, of course, Bloomington has a vibrant visual art community as exemplified on this site. Consider a weekend visit to our beautiful city to tour dozens of art studios that are rarely open to the public. 

Check out the Visit Bloomington website,, for more information.