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Artist Login

Artist Login & Info

Artists: Use the form at left to login with your supplied username (your last name) and password (a secret). You will then be able to edit your artist page. If you need them sent again, or help, just email Paul 


Here's how to edit your page and images:

First, log in.

Scroll to the bottom of any page and click on Artist Login 

In the box on the left side put in your user name, which is your last name, and the password that was sent to you. If you didn't receive a password by email, just let me know at and I'll get you one.


Next, go to your page.

Click on Artists at the top, then on the little square thumbnail to get to your page. Don't have a little square thumbnail? Just let me know at and I'll get you one.

Roughly right of your name, you'll find three little icons - a printer, an email envelope and this guy:  which represents editing.


How to edit

Click on the edit icon and your page will be magically transformed into something you can change. It'll look something like this (only with the 2015 logo):

Edit screen


For the good of all people everywhere, confine your editing to the edit panel and the little control icons above and below. 

You can type away, copy text from a wordprocessor (instructions below) or other website, and add pictures (instructions below). When you're finished editing click on the SAVE button and you're done.



The rest of these instructions have to do with little rules and guidelines and instructions for making specific changes to your page and gallery.


The picture gallery

When you look at the page in the editor like this, you don't see the pictures in the image gallery that is included on each page. You see the code:


This bit of code makes a gallery for any image in the "smedberg" directory. (Or "yourlastname" gallery.) You can add as many images to your directory and the site will include it in the gallery. Here's how:

Under the "edit panel" you'll find a few buttons. Click on the  button to get: 


One of those directories has your last name on it. Scroll to you find your directory, and click on it.

Any image you put in this directory will appear on the gallery on your artist's page. 


Once you're in your own directory, it'll look something like this:

Click on the "Choose Files" button near the bottom. 
Pick an image file, then click the Start Upload button.

NOTE: In an improvement from last year, you can upload images of any size (under 10meg, which is really big) and the site will resize everything for you. 

The image you've uploaded will be in the gallery on your page.

Remember, only put images into the gallery with your last name, and no spaces in the image names.

Unfortunately, you can't directly delete images. You can add, but not delete. So to delete just email me the list of image file names to delete.


Copying text from a wordprocessor such as Word

When you copy text from MS Word, select the text in Word, Copy it, and instead of pasting it with a Ctrl-V or Paste command, use the  in the bottom row of little icons above the Edit Panel. You may lose some of the formatting such as list specs, but you will avoid bringing Word cooties into your page, which will make your web guy happy.

Feel free to rearrange the content of your page. Wherever this gallery code appears . . . 


. . . is where your gallery will appear on the page, taking up the full width of the page. You could put address info up top or on the bottom. 


Stuff to include in your listing

  • Your studio address
  • Your phone, if you'd like people to be able to call you
  • Your email
  • Your website address
  • Your Facebook page
  • Some sort of description of the work you do, why you do it, how you're inspired, etc.
  • Special features of your studio, for instance: 
    • Wheelchair accessible
    • Enter through the garage
    • Scent allergy friendly environment
    • Kid friendly
    • Bathroom available
    • Don't mind the German Shepherd, he may bark a bit, but he's a sweetheart
  • Specifics for June 6th & 7th such as serving homebaked cookies or excellent coffee all day


The idea of your listing/page is to reach out to people and convince them to do the tour and visit your studio. Tell it like it is and tell it in a positive way.

Need help? Contact Paul at