Bloomington Open Studios Tour
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Cheryl Gregg-Duckworth

I have been painting and drawing ever since I can remember. I attended Indiana University for one year, then transferred to John Herron School of Art. I graduated in 1981. I worked for advertising agencies in Indianapolis for 6 years before going out on my own as a freelance illustrator. 
I live on a small farm in eastern Monroe county with my dogs, cats, and 2 horses. I also am a member of Hoosier Artist Gallery in Nashville, Indiana.
My inspiration for my paintings and drawings comes from the surrounding countryside, Lake Monroe,and of course all of my wonderful pets!
I work mostly in acrylics and watercolors, but occasionally use pencil. I like the intricate way I can use pencil for fine details when drawing birds and trees, or the long, flowing hair on a horses mane and tail.
I also sold flowers for years at the Bloomington Farmers Market, and Bloomingfoods stores, so I have a love for painting the flowers in my gardens as well.