Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Mary Uthuppuru

I'm very excited to be showing my latest work in Elizabeth Busey's studio for this year's tour! Sharing my prints and books alongside Elizabeth's beautiful work will be an inspirational privilege.

Mary Uthuppuru creates artist books, bindings, boxes, and prints inspired by science, literature and travel. After receiving a BA in Art History and a Masters in Library Science with a specialization in rare books she closely studied the history of the book accompanied by training through workshops across the country.  Mary began working as a Conservation Technician at the Lilly Library in 2007, and gained an in-depth study of book structures and their repair under the direction of the head of Conservation. As of 2010, she began her career as a full time book artist and book binder under the name Spring Leaf Press at her home studio in Bloomington, Indiana.  In 2011, she won Best Binding in category at the One Book Many Interpretations: Second Edition exhibit at the Chicago Public Library; in 2012 earned Second Place for her submission to Fantasy and Nonsense at the Marriott Library, University of Utah; and was awarded Best in Show for Eco Editions in 2013 at 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, Oregon. Mary continues to exhibit work nationally and internationally, and teaches workshops throughout the country.