Bloomington Open Studios Tour

Michal Ann Carley

Fire, pressure and rhythm coax metal and glass into malleable substances that once transformed are shaped into objects that reflect and seem to emerge from nature. I cut, forge, melt, and weld the materials for them to take their form. This process is at times delicate but with temperatures above 2000 degrees and powerful mechanical blows it can also be aggressively irregular. I create sculptures, jewelry, architectural elements, and utilitarian objects that are all inspired by the organic curvilinear and asymmetric movements of the natural world as well as the primary forces of wind, fire, light, and synthesis. 

Find me at 3320 East Robinson Rd. Directions: turn off Robinson Rd (follow arrows) onto Cletus Sample and drive to bottom of hill, turn left at Catalpa tree, park at green building. Call me if you get lost at 920-418-1949.


We are wheelchair accessible (over gravel) and have a bathroom available.

Demonstrations of Torchforming glass beads will be on both Saturday and Sunday at 1:30 p.m.!